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Taco Bike serves organic breakfast tacos from a bicycle. Taco Bike was started to promote organic food, local farmers, sustainability, and animal welfare. We use the best ingredients and supplies from near and far. We are the first certified organic restaurant in the South, and sixth in the country. All of our animal products are humane certified. We are EAT REAL certified by the United States Healthful Food Council. We participate in 1% for the Planet. We are Zero Waste. We strive to run the most ethical business we can. Our motto is "changing the world, one taco at a time." We want to make the world better by impacting the way people consume and introducing them to more responsible lifestyle choices for themselves and the planet.

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Taco Bike provides on-site catering within a 3 mile radius of downtown Nashville.

Tacos are $5 each. We recommend two tacos per person, though one taco is enough for a light meal. Catering includes salsas and napkins. We can also provide organic, cold-pressed orange juice for $3 per person including cups. Inquiries must be sent at least three days in advance to allow for planning. We deliver an arrangement of tacos on both flour and corn tortillas. We are gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan friendly. To reserve Taco Bike, please fill out an inquiry. Orders will be assessed a delivery fee. All payment is due at least three days in advance. We will send you an invoice to pay online to confirm your reservation.

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Taco Bike is a mission-driven social business. We are leaders in the community, pioneering responsible business practices. Taco Bike is:


Taco Bike is the first certified organic restaurant in the South and sixth in the country. Organic food is produced without the use of chemicals or additives. We only use certified organic ingredients in the making of our tacos because organic food is better for humans and the planet. It only cost us $550 to gain organic certification through AmeriCert International. Even our salt, which is from Yellowstone Natural Salt, boasts "the purest salt in the world, produced well above organic standards." We believe that every restaurant should strive for organic certification. We devote time to educating everyone we work with on organic food and the importance. certification.


No animals were harmed in the making of our tacos. We do not serve meat. The animal products we do serve are certified humane, which ensures that the animals are raised and treated humanely. Our eggs are from Vital Farms, which boasts "the happiest hens in the world." The eggs we use from Vital Farms carry the Certified Humane seal of approval. Our cheese is from Rumiano Family Cheese, which is certified by the American Humane Association through Humane Heartland. The American Humane Association Humane Heartland program endorses Cayla as a listed chef on their website.


Taco Bike donates 1% of sales to environmental organizations through 1% for the Planet. We are a bike-based business and deliver our tacos by bicycle. We currently compost and recycle as much waste as possible, and we are transitioning to 100% compostable packaging, which would make us zero waste. We plan on participating in the Green Power Switch, which ensures that the energy we use in the production of our tacos come from wind and solar. We source our ingredients as locally as possible, and when we pick up ingredients we do it by Prius. We plan on planting trees to offset the carbon emissions we can not reduce, which would make us carbon neutral. Our T-shirts are printed with water-based environmentally-friendly ink on organic spun cotton by local printer Friendly Arctic. Our bike is repurposed from Halcyon Bike Shop. Our labels are printed using Pure Labels.


Taco Bike is REAL Certified by the United States Healthful Business Council. REAL stands for Responsible Epicurean and Agricultural Leadership. This certification pegs Taco Bike as a leader in healthy and responsible food. The ingredients we have selected are based on research, specifically the book Eating on the Wild Side by Jo Robinson, which details how we have bred much of the nutrition out of our food, and details heirloom varieties of plants that contain more nutrition. We use blue corn masa, which has more nutrients, and our Vital Farms eggs are lower in cholesterol. We encourage bicycling, which improves overall health of both individuals and communities. Our menu uses food that is a fresh as possible. Our vegan Papas taco combines potatoes and beans for a complete protein. We offer corn tortillas for a gluten-free option.


Taco Bike is a social business. We are mission-driven and not bottom-line driven. We donate to nonprofit organizations that benefit causes we support. We plan on becoming a Certified B Corp and support B Corp legislation in Tennessee. Learn more about B Corps here. We believe that every decision Taco Bike makes has an impact, and we try on every level to run our business as ethically as possible. In addition to making the best tacos we can make, we also want to be as good for the world as possible. Past causes supported: Community Food Advocates, Second Harvest Food Bank, Nashville Rescue Mission, Tennessee Literacy Coalition.


Taco Bike sources as locally as possible, and supports local business as frequently as possible. We buy organic in-season produce from Green Door Gourmet and Delvin Farms. We work with Bongo Java for coffee, Friendly Arctic for T-shirts, Little Harpeth Brewing for beer, 5 Points Digital Imaging for decals, and many more great locally-owned and locally-operated companies.


Taco Club

We deliver tacos to you at your home or office. Whether you want a taco every Monday to start your work week, or five tacos every day to start your day, Taco Bike is here for you. Subscribe here and order weekly tacos by pre-paying a month at a time.

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Taco Bike is driven by ethical decision making, and hopes to pioneer responsible business modeling. We are available to help food entrepreneurs, restaurant owners, and chefs build their business in ethical ways. In figuring out how the systems and processes work through first hand experience, Taco Bike has pioneered multiple avenues to improve the food system. We want to help you make a difference in the world by building your business in a responsible way that contributes to the common good. Our rate is $100/hr. We provide services in Nashville, but will also consider national clients based on your needs and our expertise.

The services we offer are:

  1. Food sourcing and supply chain implementation: we connect you with local organic farms and a national distributor to help you source better ingredients
  2. Organic certification consultation: we help you figure out how to apply for organic certification, connect you with a third party certification agency, and provide support throughout the process
  3. Recycling and composting: we design and implement a recycling and composting program that fits your needs, and connect you to a third party provider for continued service
  4. Sustainability: we help you figure out how to reduce your carbon footprint and walk you through the process of how to become carbon neutral
  5. General advice and support: we're here to support your dreams and ideas and provide insight to how to bring them to fruition

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Hi! I'm Cayla. I started and run Taco Bike as the sole owner. Taco Bike is the result of my personal journey to learn more about food, where it comes from, and what the best way to eat is. I graduated Phi Beta Kappa as an Ingram Scholar from Vanderbilt University in 2012. Between then and now I started Native with three other co-founders. After working on several local organic farms (Delvin Farms and Green Door Gourmet), growing my own food (at Farm in the City), reading the book Eating on the Wild Side, and eating Austin breakfast tacos, I came up with the idea for Taco Bike. It's about more than food. It's about changing the way people consume and relate to the world. I hope Taco Bike inspires others to do good and make the world better.

This is Dave. He's awesome. Taco Bike wouldn't be possible without Dave. He helped form the concept, is the mastermind behind all of the branding and design, built the bike trailer, and was instrumental in the launch. Dave is amazing. He graduated from Vanderbilt University in 2010 with a degree in Visual Language and Cultural Production. We started Native together. He has worked as a graphic designer and art director with the United Nations, the Red Cross, and many other clients. He was a co-founder and co-director Y&R Moonshop, an experimental branch of the multi-national ad agency, Y&R. Find out more about Dave here.


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